Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Dr. Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal, CEO

Dr. Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal, the distinguished Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL), stands as a visionary leader in the realm of marine ecology and sustainable aquaculture. His multifaceted research and leadership have significantly contributed to advancing our understanding of coastal ecosystems and fostering responsible practices in the field.

Dr. Abu Hena embarked on an academic journey marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to environmental stewardship. With advanced degrees in marine science and aquaculture, he laid the academic groundwork for a career dedicated to unraveling the complexities of marine, coastal, and estuarine environments.

At the core of Dr. Abu Hena’s scholarly pursuits is a deep-seated interest in understanding the intricate web of ecosystem linkage, functions, and services in marine ecosystems. His research delves into the profound impacts of anthropogenic changes, with a keen focus on pollution and climate change, on marine biodiversity. His work extends to the delicate ecology of faunas, the eco-biology of seagrass, mangroves, seaweeds, coral reefs, and coastal mariculture activities.

Recognizing the escalating pressures on coastal ecosystems, Dr. Abu Hena emphasizes the critical need for quantitative and qualitative measures in assessing coastal ecological conditions. His research is driven by the imperative to address two key challenges: ensuring global food security and conservation, and preserving biodiversity. Dr. Abu Hena’s insights into the relationships between coastal and estuarine organisms and their environments are pivotal for the design and implementation of control measures and restoration activities.

As a prominent figure in the field of aquaculture, Dr. Abu Hena extends his expertise to pond ecosystems, and indoor, pen, and cage culture systems in both fresh and brackish water environments. His advocacy centers around maximizing sustainable fishery production through green technology, and valuing natural food sources such as plankton, benthos, and biofloc. Dr. Abu Hena champions environmentally friendly and organic culture concepts, paving the way for a future where aquaculture aligns harmoniously with ecological principles.

In his role as the Chief Executive Officer of GPCL, Dr. Abu Hena leads with a forward-thinking approach. Under his guidance, GPCL has become a beacon of excellence, synonymous with cutting-edge research, ethical publishing practices, and innovation in marine and aquatic sciences. His leadership underscores GPCL’s commitment to environmental sustainability, academic rigor, and the dissemination of impactful research.

As the CEO of Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited, he continues to steer the organization toward new heights, contributing to the global dialogue on marine and aquatic ecology, conservation, and responsible aquaculture. His legacy extends beyond academia, inspiring a generation to embrace a harmonious relationship with our planet’s delicate ecosystems.

Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal
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