Review policy of GPCL’s journals

The foundation of scholarly publishing lies in the rigor and quality of the peer-review process. Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL) recognizes the critical role of peer review in maintaining the integrity and excellence of scholarly articles. The following review policy outlines the key principles, processes, and timelines that govern the peer-review system for articles submitted to GPCL journals.

Peer-review process overview

Upon submission to any GPCL journals, each manuscript undergoes a meticulous peer-review process. This process is designed to ensure that all published articles meet the highest standards of academic and scientific rigor. The key characteristics of GPCL‘s peer-review process are as follows,

Initial checks: Submitted manuscripts undergo initial checks to ensure adherence to submission guidelines and formatting requirements. Once a manuscript passes these checks, it proceeds to the peer-review stage.

Assignment of reviewers: The manuscript is assigned to at least two independent experts for peer review. GPCL operates a single-blind peer-review system, meaning that the reviewers know the authors’ identities while maintaining confidentiality. The authors, however, are unaware of the reviewers’ identities.

Review timeline: Reviewers accepting the invitation are provided with 21 days to complete their review. After this period, the review is considered overdue. If a reviewer does not respond within the stipulated time, the manuscript invitation is withdrawn, and an alternate reviewer is invited.

Reviewer comments: Once reviewers submit their comments to GPCL‘s journals, the corresponding author is notified via email. The Editor checks the comments and forwards them to the corresponding author, either with or without additional comments.

Revised manuscript submission: The corresponding author is required to submit a revised manuscript addressing the editorial and reviewers’ comments within 3 weeks. Failure to do so within the specified timeframe results in the rejection of the article and the metadata is deleted from the system.

Further review (if necessary): In cases where substantial revisions are made, the revised manuscript may be sent back to the initial reviewers for further assessment.

Final decision: The Editor-in-Chief or a suitable editorial board member makes the final publication decision based on the reviews provided.

Conclusion timeline: If all processes, from submission to revision, proceed smoothly, the conclusion (Acceptance/Rejection) is typically reached within 6-8 weeks.

Key principles of peer review

The peer-review process at GPCL adheres to key principles that ensure fairness, objectivity, and transparency:

Expert evaluation: All research articles are reviewed by at least two suitably qualified experts in the field. This ensures that the review process benefits from diverse perspectives and expertise.

Timely reviews: Reviewers are given a 21-day timeline to complete their assessment. This commitment to timely reviews is essential in maintaining efficiency in the publication process.

Confidentiality: The peer review comments are treated with strict confidentiality. Reviewer identities are not disclosed to the authors, and the comments are shared only with the express agreement of the reviewer.

Corresponding author engagement: The corresponding author plays a crucial role in the process by responding to reviewer comments and revising the manuscript accordingly. Their active engagement is essential for the timely progression of the review process.

Iterative review (if necessary): In cases where revisions are substantial, the manuscript may undergo further review by the initial reviewers. This iterative process ensures that the final version meets the required standards.

Continuous improvement and feedback

GPCL is committed to continuous improvement in its peer-review process. Author feedback on the review process is encouraged, and any concerns or suggestions are taken into consideration to refine and enhance the system.

Review policy

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