Why choose GPCL journals for your scholarly work?

Commitment to ethical publishing standards

At GPCL, integrity is paramount in every step of the publication process. We adhere rigorously to the guidelines established by esteemed organizations such as COPE, ISMPP (GPP-3), and ICMJE, ensuring that our publications uphold the highest ethical standards in scholarly communication. Authors can trust that their work will be handled with integrity and transparency.

Enhanced visibility through indexing in citation databases

By publishing with GPCL, authors gain significant exposure and recognition for their research. Our journals are indexed in various citation databases, reaffirming their academic significance and contributing to the broader scholarly discourse. This indexing ensures that your work reaches a wider audience, maximizing its impact and visibility within the academic community.

The streamlined submission process with PKP’s OJS

GPCL employs PKP’s OJS online journal management system to streamline the manuscript submission process. Authors benefit from an efficient and user-friendly platform that allows for seamless submission and real-time tracking of manuscripts. Our commitment to efficiency ensures that authors can focus on their research while we take care of the publication process.

Global accessibility through open-access publication

GPCL is dedicated to open-access publishing, making all published articles freely accessible to readers worldwide. This commitment to open access promotes global knowledge dissemination and aligns with our mission to democratize access to scholarly information. Authors can be assured that their work will reach a diverse audience, irrespective of financial barriers.

Immediate recognition with continuous publication model

GPCL has a continuous publication model where authors can expect prompt dissemination of their research findings. Articles are published online in a citable form with a DOI as soon as they are accepted, ensuring immediate recognition and citation within the scholarly community. This model accelerates the dissemination of research and enhances its impact.

Facilitating cross-disciplinary collaboration

GPCL‘s diverse portfolio of journals fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration and encourages exploration across various research domains. Our multidisciplinary focus promotes collaboration and knowledge exchange, facilitating innovative research that transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. Authors benefit from a supportive environment that encourages interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration.

Guidance from an international editorial board

GPCL journals are guided by an international editorial board comprising experts from diverse backgrounds and global perspectives. This ensures that published content maintains a high standard of quality and relevance, reflecting the latest advancements and insights from around the world. Authors can trust that their work will undergo rigorous peer review by experts in their field.

Interactive peer review process for enhanced quality

Our interactive peer review process encourages engagement and collaboration between authors and reviewers. Authors receive constructive feedback aimed at improving the quality and rigor of their research. This iterative process ensures that published articles meet the highest standards of scholarly excellence and contribute meaningfully to their respective fields.

Embracing technological innovation for scholarly communication

GPCL embraces technological advances to enhance the scholarly communication experience for both authors and readers. We continuously innovate to improve the accessibility, interactivity, and usability of our publications. By leveraging technology, we aim to make the dissemination and consumption of scholarly content more engaging and user-friendly.

Maximizing research impact and citations

Publishing with GPCL maximizes the visibility and impact of your research. We employ strategies to enhance research visibility and facilitate citations, ensuring that valuable contributions receive the recognition they deserve. Authors can trust that their work will reach a broad audience and make a meaningful impact within the academic community.

Comprehensive author support and services

GPCL provides comprehensive support and guidance to authors throughout the publication process. From manuscript submission to post-publication, our dedicated team offers assistance at every stage, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for authors. Additionally, we provide resources and tools to help authors enhance their research and writing skills, further enhancing the quality of their work.

Opportunities for conference collaborations and post-conference publications

GPCL collaborates with conferences to provide authors with opportunities to showcase their research findings. Authors presented at conferences may benefit from post-conference publication opportunities, expanding the dissemination of their work and reaching a broader audience. This collaboration enhances the visibility and impact of conference presentations, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Engagement in educational outreach programs

GPCL actively engages in educational outreach programs, supporting academic institutions in fostering a culture of learning and research. Through our educational initiatives, we aim to promote continuous learning and research excellence. By collaborating with academic institutions, we contribute to the development of future generations of researchers and scholars.

Commitment to environmental sustainability

GPCL is committed to environmental sustainability and adopts practices that minimize the environmental footprint associated with publishing. We implement green publishing practices to reduce waste and promote sustainability in scholarly communication. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, we strive to contribute to a healthier planet for future generations.

Transparency and author empowerment through Sherpa Romeo registration

We are in the process of registering in Sherpa Romeo reflects our commitment to transparency in publishing policies. Authors benefit from valuable insights into open access, copyright, and archiving policies, empowering them to make informed decisions about where to publish their work. Our transparent policies ensure that authors retain control over their intellectual property and publication rights.

Global collaborative partnerships for knowledge exchange

GPCL actively seeks partnerships with academic institutions, research organizations, and publishers on an international scale. Through collaborative efforts, we foster a global network that enriches the scholarly landscape. Our partnerships facilitate knowledge exchange initiatives such as joint conferences, workshops, and shared resources, promoting a cross-cultural exchange of ideas and expertise.

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