Comprehensive editorial process of GPCL journals

At Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL), our editorial process is a meticulous journey designed to uphold the highest standards of quality and integrity in scientific publishing. This multifaceted process encompasses various stages to ensure the scholarly value and reliability of the published research.

Editorial process at GPCL

Submission of the manuscript

Authors initiate the process by submitting their research manuscripts to GPCL, following guidelines that meticulously detail manuscript structure, reference formatting, and the preferred file type.

Technical check

The submitted manuscript undergoes a thorough technical check to ensure strict compliance with GPCL‘s specific formatting and submission requirements. This involves a detailed evaluation of the manuscript’s structure, reference formatting, and compatibility with the prescribed file format.

Similarity check

To safeguard academic integrity, a robust similarity check is performed using advanced software like Turnitin. This step aims to identify any potential instances of plagiarism or excessive similarity to previously published works.

Editor assignment

Once the manuscript clears the initial checks, it is entrusted to an expert editor in the relevant field. The editor’s role is pivotal, overseeing the entire review process, facilitating effective communication between authors and reviewers, and making editorial decisions based on peer review feedback.

Peer review

Rigorous peer review is conducted, with the editor selecting qualified reviewers possessing expertise in the manuscript’s subject matter. These reviewers evaluate various aspects, including the quality, methodology, significance, and validity of the research. Detailed comments and recommendations are provided.

Editorial decision

Building on the insights from peer review, the editor makes a well-informed decision regarding the manuscript’s fate. Possible outcomes include acceptance, minor revision, major revision, rejection, or a request for further revisions.

Revision process

Authors are actively engaged in the revision process, addressing specific issues or suggestions raised by peer reviewers. Revisions can range from minor adjustments to major changes, depending on the feedback received.

Revision reviewed by editor

Following author revisions, the editor meticulously reviews the updated manuscript to ensure that all suggested changes have been adequately addressed. The editor’s role is integral in the final decision-making process.

Similarity check for revised manuscript

A second similarity check may be conducted to verify that any potential issues of plagiarism or excessive similarity identified earlier have been effectively resolved in the revised manuscript.


Once the manuscript aligns seamlessly with GPCL‘s exacting standards and meets the editor’s satisfaction, it is officially accepted for publication. However, this acceptance is contingent upon the completion of subsequent steps in the process.

Author invoice

Authors may receive an invoice for publication fees, if applicable, covering various costs associated with the publication process. GPCL‘s policies dictate the specifics of these fees.


The manuscript undergoes an in-depth copyediting process to rectify language, grammar, style, and formatting issues. This step ensures that the manuscript meets the high editorial standards set by GPCL, promoting clarity and consistency.

English editing (if necessary)

In cases where English is not the author’s native language, additional English editing may be performed to enhance the manuscript’s readability and overall quality.

Galley proof approval

Authors receive a formatted version of the manuscript, known as the “galley proof,” for final review and approval. This critical step allows authors to identify and rectify any remaining errors or issues before the manuscript proceeds to publication.


Upon the final approval of the galley proof, the manuscript is officially published by GPCL. It becomes accessible to the scientific community and readers, complete with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for easy reference. The manuscript is archived within the journal, solidifying its place in the scholarly record.

This comprehensive editorial process at GPCL is a testament to our commitment to excellence in scientific publishing. It ensures that only rigorously-reviewed and high-quality research contributes to the advancement of knowledge within the academic community.

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