S M Saiful Alom
Vice President of Operations
S M Saiful Alom Executive Leadership Team

S M Saiful Alom serves as the Vice President of Operations and IT Management at Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL), where he orchestrates the company’s operational strategies and oversees the management of its Information Technology infrastructure.

With an illustrious career marked by a blend of operational prowess and technological expertise, Mr. Alom has been instrumental in optimizing GPCL’s IT systems to enhance productivity and efficiency. His strategic vision and hands-on approach have streamlined processes, enabling seamless operations across the organization.

In addition to his role in operational excellence, Mr. Alom is deeply committed to fostering a culture of innovation and sustainability within the IT team. He champions initiatives aimed at harnessing technology for environmental conservation and social responsibility, ensuring that GPCL remains at the forefront of responsible corporate citizenship.

Mr. Alom’s multifaceted leadership, spanning both operations and IT management, has positioned GPCL for continued success in an ever-evolving industry landscape. His dedication to excellence and forward-thinking approach continue to drive GPCL’s growth and impact.

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