Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited Joins Crossref, Empowering Open Access with DOIs and more

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Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited Joins Crossref, Empowering Open Access with DOIs and more

In a significant stride towards enhancing accessibility and credibility in scholarly publishing, Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL) proudly announces its membership in Crossref, a renowned global organization dedicated to making scholarly content easy to find, cite, link, and assess.

As an Open Access pioneer, GPCL has long been committed to disseminating cutting-edge research across various disciplines. Specializing in scientific journals such as Computer Science and Engineering Research, Journal of Aquatic Research and Sustainability, Aquatic Invertebrates and Ecosystem Research, and Journal of Bioscience and Environment Research, GPCL has consistently championed the dissemination of knowledge worldwide.

The recent integration with Crossref amplifies GPCL‘s dedication to scholarly communication by enabling the assignment of Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to every published article. DOIs serve as permanent, unique identifiers, ensuring the persistent and reliable linkage of scholarly content on the internet. This integration not only facilitates seamless access to GPCL‘s vast repository of research but also enhances the visibility and discoverability of its published articles.

Dr. Abu Hena Mustafa Kamal, Chief Executive Officer of GPCL, expresses his enthusiasm regarding this significant milestone, stating, “Our membership in Crossref marks a pivotal moment in GPCL‘s journey towards fostering transparent and accessible dissemination of scientific knowledge. By embracing DOIs, we aim to enhance the visibility and impact of our publications, furthering our mission to accelerate scientific progress on a global scale.”

S M Saiful Alom, Vice President of Operations at GPCL, underscores the operational significance of this integration, emphasizing, “Joining Crossref not only streamlines our publishing processes but also strengthens our commitment to upholding the highest standards of scholarly integrity. Through the assignment of DOIs, we ensure the persistent identification and reliable access to our published articles, facilitating seamless navigation and citation within the scholarly community.”

Dr. Lirong Yu Abit, Vice President of Publishing at GPCL, highlights the transformative potential of this collaboration, stating, “As stewards of scholarly communication, we recognize the importance of embracing innovative technologies to enhance the discoverability and impact of our publications. With the ability to assign DOIs through Crossref, we empower researchers, academics, and policymakers to access and engage with our scholarly content with unparalleled ease and confidence.”

Crossref membership empowers GPCL to uphold the highest standards of scholarly publishing, fostering transparency, integrity, and accessibility in scientific research. By leveraging DOIs, GPCL enhances the scholarly impact of its publications, facilitating seamless integration with academic databases, citation networks, and scholarly platforms worldwide.

As GPCL embarks on this transformative journey with Crossref, it reaffirms its unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge dissemination and fostering collaborative research endeavors across the globe.

For more information about GPCL and its publications, please visit GPCL‘s website.



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