Journal staff as authors policy

In adhering to the editors and journal staff as authors policy, GPCL’s Journals reaffirm their commitment to the principles of ethical publishing, unbiased evaluation, and the responsible dissemination of academic knowledge. This policy contributes to the journals’ reputation for upholding rigorous editorial standards and ensures that the publication process remains trustworthy and credible.

Objective independence

To ensure the impartiality and integrity of the peer-review process, editors and journal staff are prohibited from participating in the assessment of their own academic work.

Assignment to independent reviewers

Submissions authored by editors or journal staff undergo a rigorous and unbiased review process. These manuscripts are assigned to a minimum of two independent external reviewers who have no affiliation or conflict of interest with the authors.

Decision-making by unbiased editorial board members

Editorial decisions for submissions involving editors or journal staff as authors are exclusively made by other members of the editorial board. These board members are carefully selected to avoid any conflicts of interest with the authors.

Ensuring fair evaluation

The policy aims to maintain a fair and transparent evaluation of academic work, upholding the highest standards of scholarly integrity. By involving external reviewers and unbiased editorial board members, the process remains objective and free from potential biases.

Conflict of interest mitigation

To mitigate conflicts of interest, authors who are also editors or journal staff are intentionally distanced from the decision-making process regarding their work. This separation ensures that evaluations are based on merit and the scholarly contribution of the manuscript.

Upholding ethical publishing standards

The editors and journal staff authors’ policy aligns with ethical publishing standards, fostering an environment of trust and reliability. It reinforces the commitment of GPCL’s Journals to maintaining the highest level of ethical conduct in academic publishing.

Promoting accountability and transparency

The policy promotes accountability by ensuring that the evaluation and decision-making processes are conducted by individuals who are not personally or professionally connected to the submitted work. This approach enhances transparency throughout the editorial workflow.

Preserving editorial independence

Editorial independence is safeguarded by preventing editors and journal staff from influencing the assessment of their own scholarly contributions. This practice maintains the credibility of the peer-review system and the integrity of the journals.

Journal staff as authors policy

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