Publication ethics statement of GPCL’s journals

Adherence to ethical standards

Authors submitting manuscripts to GPCL’s journals are expected to strictly adhere to the ethical standards set forth by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The journal’s editors enforce a robust peer-review process and uphold stringent ethical policies to maintain the integrity and quality of scientific publications. Instances of plagiarism, data falsification, image manipulation, and inappropriate authorship credit are treated with zero tolerance.

Author responsibilities

Authors seeking publication in GPCL’s journals must comply with the following ethical guidelines,

Conflict of interest disclosure

Authors must disclose any facts that could be perceived as a potential conflict of interest before submitting their paper.

Accurate presentation

Authors should present their research findings accurately and provide an objective discussion of the significance of their work.

Transparency in data and methods

Sufficient detail about the data and methods used in the research must be provided for the replication of the work by other researchers.

Raw data deposition

Authors are encouraged to publicly deposit raw data before manuscript submission or, at the very least, make it readily available for referees and editors upon request.

Simultaneous submission

Manuscripts should not be simultaneously submitted to multiple journals.

Originality and republishing

Authors should ensure that their manuscript contains novel information and refrain from republishing content that lacks novelty.

Prompt correction of errors

Authors are obligated to promptly communicate any errors or inaccuracies discovered after the publication of their paper.

Avoidance of plagiarism

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, and the submitted manuscript is checked for similarity using iThenticate. High similarity may result in direct rejection.

Image integrity

Image files must not undergo irregular manipulation that could misinterpret the original information. This includes features like introduction, enhancement, grouping, and modifying contrast or color balance.

Handling of irregular image manipulation

If irregular image manipulation is identified during peer review, the manuscript may be rejected. Post-publication, corrections or retractions may be implemented.

Publication ethics statement

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