Manuscript withdrawal policy of GPCL’s journals

At Genesis Publishing Consortium Limited (GPCL), we recognize the importance of a robust and transparent manuscript withdrawal process. While manuscript withdrawal after submission is strongly discouraged, we understand that certain situations may warrant such a request. Our manuscript withdrawal policy is designed to address these situations with clarity and fairness:

Discouragement of manuscript withdrawal

GPCL strongly discourages the withdrawal of manuscripts after submission. Authors are encouraged to carefully consider their decision to submit a manuscript before initiating the process.

Authorization for withdrawal

If there is a compelling reason necessitating the withdrawal of a submitted manuscript, the authors must collectively sign a formal request for withdrawal. This request should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief and clearly articulate the reasons for the withdrawal (see, manuscript withdrawal policy).

Submission of withdrawal request

The signed request for withdrawal must be sent to the Editor-in-Chief. This ensures that the decision to withdraw the manuscript is communicated to the highest editorial authority within GPCL (see, manuscript withdrawal policy).

Acceptance by Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-Chief will carefully assess the reasons provided in the withdrawal request. If the reasons are deemed valid and following GPCL’s policies (according to the manuscript withdrawal policy), the Editor-in-Chief may accept the withdrawal request.

Manuscript withdrawal letter

Upon acceptance by the Editor-in-Chief, the editorial office will generate a formal manuscript withdrawal letter. This letter serves as an official document acknowledging the withdrawal of the manuscript from the publication process.

Inadmissibility of withdrawal after peer review

It is crucial to note that the withdrawal of a manuscript after it has been sent for peer review is not an acceptable practice. This is to maintain the integrity of the peer review process and uphold the commitment to timely and rigorous evaluation.

No imposition of fees

GPCL understands that circumstances leading to manuscript withdrawal can be diverse. To facilitate an environment of collaboration and understanding, no fees will be imposed for the withdrawal of manuscripts from any GPCL journals.

Clarity and transparency

GPCL emphasizes the importance of clarity and transparency throughout the withdrawal process. Authors are encouraged to communicate openly about their reasons for withdrawal, facilitating a smoother resolution.

Consideration of special cases

While manuscript withdrawal is generally discouraged, GPCL recognizes that there may be exceptional cases. Authors with unique circumstances are encouraged to reach out to the Editor-in-Chief for a personalized evaluation of their situation.

Continuous improvement

GPCL is committed to continuous improvement in its editorial processes. Feedback from authors, whether related to manuscript submission or withdrawal, is valuable in shaping our policies and practices.

Manuscript withdrawal policy

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