Acknowledgment policy for GPCL journals

In the “acknowledgments” section of a manuscript for GPCL journals, authors can recognize individuals whose contributions did not meet the criteria for authorship but significantly impacted the study. Potential contributors worthy of acknowledgment include,

Technical support personnel
  • Individuals providing technical assistance in the laboratory.
  • Technicians or experts who contributed to experimental procedures or data collection.
Writing assistance contributors
  • Professionals or colleagues offering writing assistance and editorial support.
  • Individuals involved in proofreading, language editing, or formatting.
Data analysis specialists
  • Statisticians or data analysts who played a role in interpreting study results.
  • Those involved in statistical modeling or data visualization.
Project coordinators
  • Individuals are responsible for managing and coordinating the overall project.
  • Project managers or coordinators facilitate collaboration among team members.
Equipment or resource providers
  • Organizations or individuals contributing essential equipment or resources.
  • Entities offering access to specialized facilities or research tools.
Administrative support
  • Personnel assisting with administrative tasks related to the research.
  • Administrative staff facilitating logistics, paperwork, or coordination.

Authors should ensure that each individual listed in the acknowledgment signs a disclosure form or statement, confirming their agreement to be acknowledged. This form should also include a provision for disclosing any potential conflicts of interest. Acknowledged contributors play a vital role in the research process, and their recognition enhances the collaborative ethos of scientific inquiry at GPCL journals.

Acknowledgment policy

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