Editor-in-Chief as authors policy

The implementation of the Editor-in-Chief as authors policy ensures that GPCL’s Journals remain at the forefront of ethical publishing, fostering an environment where research is evaluated objectively, contributing to the advancement of knowledge with integrity and transparency.

Submission process

When the Editor-in-Chief submits a manuscript to GPCL’s Journals, it initiates a process designed to uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency. This policy is implemented to maintain a level playing field and eliminate potential conflicts of interest.

Automatic assignment to external reviewers

Manuscripts authored by the Editor-in-Chief undergo a rigorous review process. To ensure objectivity, they are automatically assigned to at least two independent external reviewers. This step is crucial in maintaining the integrity of the evaluation process.

Thorough and impartial review

External reviewers, selected based on their expertise and lack of affiliations with the Editor-in-Chief, conduct a thorough and impartial review. This process contributes to the credibility of the journals and ensures that the manuscript is evaluated solely on its academic merit.

Decision by unbiased editorial board members

To further eliminate any potential bias, decisions regarding the acceptance or rejection of the Editor-in-Chief’s submissions are made by other editorial board members. These individuals are carefully chosen for their impartiality and commitment to maintaining the journals’ integrity.

Conflict mitigation strategies

The policy employs robust conflict mitigation strategies. By involving external reviewers and independent editorial board members, GPCL’s journals proactively address any perceived conflicts of interest, reinforcing their commitment to fair and unbiased decision-making.

Adherence to ethical guidelines

Adherence to ethical guidelines, including those set by organizations like the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), is a cornerstone of this policy. GPCL’s journals prioritize ethical publishing practices, and the Editor-in-Chief as authors policy aligns with these principles.

Notification of decision

Once the review process is complete, the Editor-in-Chief is notified of the decision. The decision-making process is transparent, and the outcome is communicated in a timely manner, maintaining a commitment to efficiency and professionalism.

Continuous improvement and adaptation

The implementation of this policy reflects a commitment to continuous improvement. GPCL’s Journals regularly review and refine their editorial processes to adapt to evolving ethical standards and industry best practices, ensuring a dynamic and responsive approach.

Safeguarding journal reputation

By implementing the Editor-in-Chief as authors policy, GPCL’s Journals actively safeguard their reputation. This policy reinforces the message that all submissions, regardless of authorship, undergo a stringent and unbiased review process, contributing to the journals’ standing in the academic community.

Contributing to trust and credibility

The policy not only upholds the journals’ integrity but also contributes to building trust and credibility among authors, readers, and the wider academic community. It underscores a commitment to scholarly excellence and ethical publishing practices.

Editor-in-Chief as authors

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