Compliance with guidelines and legislation

Experimental research and field studies involving plants, whether cultivated or wild, must adhere to relevant institutional, national, and international guidelines and legislation.

Permissions and licenses
Mandatory statement

Manuscripts reporting on plant research should include a statement detailing the permissions and/or licenses obtained for the collection of plant or seed specimens.


Authors are encouraged to align with the IUCN policy statement on research involving species at risk of extinction and the convention on the trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora.

Voucher specimens and reproducibility
Deposition requirement

To ensure reproducibility, voucher specimens for all wild plants discussed in a manuscript must be deposited in a public herbarium or other public collection providing accessible material.

Information Inclusion

Manuscripts must include information on the voucher specimen, including details on who identified it. This enhances transparency and supports the integrity of the research findings.

Plant research related policy

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