Confidentiality and pre-publicity policy for GPCL journals


Confidential manuscript details

All details regarding submitted manuscripts are kept confidential by GPCL’s journals. No comments are provided to external organizations about manuscripts under consideration or those that have been rejected.

Non-disclosure of correspondence and reports

After submission, correspondence, referees’ reports, and other confidential material must not be publicized without prior permission. Editorial Board Members are prohibited from discussing manuscripts with third parties or revealing information about interactions with authors and referees.

Referee confidentiality

Referees commit to maintaining the confidentiality of manuscripts and associated supplementary data.


Posting versions on personal platforms

Authors are allowed to post pre-submission or original versions on personal blogs, collaborative wikis, or recognized preprint servers. The website and URL must be specified in the cover letter.

Thesis publication

Material submitted to GPCL’s journals may have been published as part of a PhD or academic thesis.

Replacing submitted versions

GPCL’s journal articles, being open access, can replace the original submitted version immediately upon publication. A reference and URL to the published version on the GPCL’s journal website must be provided.

Support for open communication

GPCL’s journals support open communication through recognized preprint servers, research meetings, or online collaborative platforms like wikis. Conference presentations and posting on preprint servers do not constitute prior publication.

Media responses to preprints

Researchers can respond to media requests related to preprints or conference presentations, providing explanations or clarifications. Such media coverage will not affect editorial handling.

Reduced coverage caution

Authors should be aware that media coverage before publication may reduce or pre-empt coverage by other media at the time of publication. Clear communication about the provisional nature of the content is advised.

Final published version availability

The final published version of a paper should be publicly available when discussed in the media. Direct solicitation of media coverage ahead of the publication of the final version is strongly discouraged.

Taxonomy concerns

Authors dealing with taxonomy must be cautious about third parties exploiting prior publications of nomenclature between online preprints and journal publications. GPCL’s journals disclaim responsibility for assertions of priority in such cases.

Confidentiality and pre-publicity policy

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